Negotiating: tying the knot (Sales)

A skill for life


This classic video defines and illustrates the three main stages of a negotiation.

In the case of marriage, the aim is not for either side to win but to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. Stage-by-stage, the main characters negotiate their way to the altar. 

Starring Dawn French, this programme will help you to negotiate beneficially in any situation. Learn how to establish aims, priorities and bottom lines - and work out which points are subject to negotiation.


Trainer Tools

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  • negotiating tying the knot 



New and not-so-new negotiators who work their way through the Negotiating: Tying The Knot training programme will:

• Assess their own negotiating style

• Be able to prepare for negotiation

• Understand the three key stages of a successful negotiation and know what to do, and what to avoid, at each stage: – what’s this negotiation about? – the negotiating see-saw – how to behave when things gowrong

•Devise an Action plan to improve their abilities as negotiators

The target audience

The training programme is designed for people at any level in an organisation who handle negotiations. It could be offered to a group comprising sales people, to one of buyers, to managers responsible for staff appraisal and rewards, indeed for any group of people. The course leader You do not have to be a professional trainer to lead a group through the programme. Line managers will be able to deliver this course with confidence by using the materials and detailed guidance provided.


Negotiation is the process people go through to get the best results, and the right results, from a situation where two sides each want something from the other and each has a number of cards to play in order to influence the outcome. You don’thave to be Henry Kissinger or a UN Special Envoy to need good negotiating skills. We all need them, whether in business, public service or at home: ‘If we can pay you a fair price, can you guarantee the right quality?’ ‘You kids can have tickets for the cinema tomorrow provided you’rein bed early tonight.’ So while many organisations regularly train their salespeople in negotiation skills, that’s not the sum of it. You may be buying rather than selling, dealing with an internal supplier or internal customer, dealing with another team in the organisation, dealing with the executive board on a major investment proposal, dealing with a team member on their behaviour or work habits.

Negotiating: Tying The Knot is a video and training programme which teaches the key skills of negotiating by highlighting the three main stages of the process. Rather like a ballet or a stage fight, every negotiation can be choreographed along fairly predictable lines. But unlike a stage fight, in good negotiations the end result should be neither thrill nor spill, and definitely not kill. It should be mutual victory for both sides. The lessons of the video and the course are cumulative, and mirror the self-discipline that a good negotiator has to impose in moving steadily through the three stages of the negotiating process.

Negotiating-tying the knot