The art of selling (Sales)

Sales with service.


The best thing about dealing with a good sales person is you don't feel like you're being sold to.

Narrated by Sandy Toksvig and featuring Sheridan Smith this video is designed to equip you with the skills and techniques you need to approach sales opportunities with confidence.

Using a right way / wrong way approach the video demonstrates how to win the customer’s confidence, discover their needs, know your product, and close the sale. 

Trainer Tools

  • art of selling leaders guide 
  • the art of selling PP 

Those who work their way through The Art Of Selling training programme will be able to: • Smoothly win the customers’ confidence • Discover their needs through careful questioning • Offer appropriate choices in an appealing way • Complete the sale to the satisfaction of the customer and company.

The programme is designed for salespeople working in any market place, but is especially relevant to those in the retail or financial services. It will serve as an effective introductory module for new staff, and as a useful refresher for those with experience.


The art of selling;

The best thing about dealing with a good salesperson is you don’t feel like you’ve been sold to. As far as you’re concerned you’ve just received good services. This programme looks at all the common mistakes made by persons dealing with customers face-to-face and will equip staff with all the essential skills, techniques and behaviours in selling. We see mistakes made in the classic style, with a narrator pointing out the mistakes and each of the mistakes are given the opportunity to make right. Using a wide range of situations, using humorous right way and wrong way scenarios help illustrate the importance of the lessons and how each lesson aidstowards a successful sale. The situations include scenes in a DIY store, a shoe shop, a hotel reception, a clothes shop, a mobile shop, bank services such a mortgages, loans, overdrafts,saving accounts, insurance and many more. The key learning points to the programme are (list in order of appearance): Winning their confidence • The human touch • The relaxed approach • The immediate acknowledgement Discovering their need • Probe the request • Listen and check • Watch out for clues Completing the sale • Put objections in perspective • Watch for closing clues • Harness the power of silence


There are also video extras which cover the following additional learning points: • Confidence • Universal skill • Handling rejection • Complaints • The offensive customer