This session identifies the key stages of team development to help your group improve their own team skills and help leaders develop strong, confident teams that need little direction to perform well.


INTRODUCTION This guide is designed for a manager or a facilitator to deliver a short workshop featuring videos from the Video Arts Leadership Essentials Series.


Each video comes with a series of activities around the following structure:

LOOK - watch the video and reflect on the content and message.

THINK - activities and questions linking the video to their own experience and workplace. REMEMBER - a summary of the key learning points.

These activities will take about 15 minutes to complete.

At the end of this guide is a practical exercise to help bring all of the learning points together.



 Forming and storming (Ok. Call me when this gets a bit more strategic)

 Norming and performing (Sorry – I get annoying when I’m nervous)



Trainer Tools

  • Team Development Workshop Guide


  • LDR-ESS Team development Infographic
  • Leadership Essentials Summary Infographic

Team Development