If looks could kill (Customer Service)

The power of behaviour


In this spoof detective case Dawn French is driven to distraction by the careless behaviour of customer service staff.

Written by behavioural expert Dr Peter Honey this video will help you deal with customers more effectively by harnessing the power of behaviour.

Trainer Tools

  • If looks could kill leaders guide Sept 2013.pdf
  • If looks could kill PP sep 2013.ppt


Organisations have three factors of production at their disposal: land, labour and capital. Take any one away and business becomes impossible. Of the three, labour remains the most important because it controls the other two. The quality of labour – or, to use another word, people – is the one variable which decides whether the right decisions are made in any organisation. Take another look at the word variable. It’s a characteristic of each and every one of us. Some days we feel good, some days not so good, and this affects our behaviour – the way we interact with and are perceived by others. If our behaviour with our colleagues and customers is excellent, then there’s no problem. We behave well towards them and they reciprocate. It’s when our behaviour towards other people is less than helpful that problems can arise. We antagonise them and they antagonise us. This video from Video Arts examines this area of human interaction and suggests some positive guidelines to ensure that all our relationships remain harmonious.



Those who work their way through the If Looks Could Kill training programme will:  Clarify the assumptions they make and the beliefs they hold about behaviour  Identify specific behaviours that help and hinder every interaction  Develop an Action plan to help them respond positively in future interactions.


Using If Looks Could Kill

 Dual use. The programme can be used either as a conventional training course with a small group or for selfstudy by individuals. The pack contains guidance and appropriate materials for each use.


The target audience

The programme is designed for everyone who works with other people. Those who manage others and those who are in direct contact with customers will find it especially useful. Eight to twelve is the ideal group size.


The course leader

The person leading a group through the programme does not have to be a professional trainer. Line managers will be able to deliver this course with confidence by using the materials and detailed guidance provided.


If looks could kill