Any business needs a thought through set of plans to be successful. There are long term strategic marketing plans, short-term sales plans, production plans…and so on. The critical financial plan is the budget. Even though it is based on forecasts and sophisticated assumptions, it is a commitment. When you make a budget, you commit yourself to a plan or standard of performance upon which lots of other commitments depend.


This guide is designed for a manager or a facilitator to deliver a short workshop featuring videos from the Video Arts Workplace Essentials Series.


Each video comes with a series of activities around the following structure:

LOOK - watch the video and reflect on the content and message.

THINK - activities and questions linking the video to their own experience and workplace. REMEMBER - a summary of the key learning points.

Each section relating to the video will last around 15 minutes.

ACTION PLAN - At the end of the series of videos and activities delegates should be encouraged to share the most important actions they will take and record actions on their Personal Action Plan sheet.



 Constructing a budget

 Coordinating a budget

 Controlling a budget


 Trainer Tools

  • Finance & budgets workbook guide
  • Personal Action Plan
  • Workplace Essentials Infographic


  • Workplace Essentials Summary Infographic

Finance and Budgets