Demanding customers (Customer Service)

Customer care made PERFECT


Directed and narrated by Hugh Laurie this video uses a series of examples to explain how to deal with four types of customer that most people dread: Mr Snappy, Ms Flash, Mr Yappy and Mrs Picky.

Hugh explains how to be PERFECT: Polite, Efficient, Respectful, Friendly, Enthusiastic, Cheerful and Tactful.

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Few of us who deal with customers can hear the words ‘The customer is always right’ without a wry smile or a deep sigh. Though we know that every customer deserves the best attention and service that we are capable of providing, experience has made us all too aware that, once in a while, we will be faced with people who may be peculiar, impatient, angry, troublesome, long-winded, obsessive and very demanding. Fortunately not every customer presents these sorts of challenge, but in a world of rising expectations, tough competition and the increasing emphasis that many people put on their rights, anyone who ever comes into contact with customers has to be equipped and ready to handle difficult people. The goal is to make sure that all our customers, however awkward, go away satisfied with the service they have received. The Demanding Customers programme has been designed to demonstrate how to treat customers with professional courtesy, no matter how trying the situation.



Those who work their way through the Demanding Customers training programme will be able to:  Identify the problems that demanding customers create for them at work, the expectations that their customers have and the constraints preventing them from providing outstanding customer service.  Use the PERFECT acronym to guide their behaviour towards demanding customers.  Improve their ability to deal with four particular types of demanding customer:  Mr Snappy  Ms Flash  Mr Yappy  Mrs Picky  Devise an action plan to improve their ability to satisfy demanding customers.


Using Demanding Customers

Dual use. The programme can be used either as a conventional training course with a small group or for self-study by individuals.


The target audience

The programme is designed for anyone in an organisation who comes in contact with customers. It will be particularly useful for those who have mastered the basics of customer service.


The course leader

You do not have to be a professional trainer to lead a group through the programme. Line managers will be able to deliver this course with confidence by using the materials and detailed guidance provided.