Very few organisations get everything right on every occasion. When things go wrong, sometimes it’s no-one’s fault. Accidents do happen and they occur without warning. However, the problem is that customers, the most important people to any organisation, can be affected, and sometimes very badly. Knowing how to handle a customer complaint is a key skill for all customers facing staff. A badly handled complaint will only lead to another, a situation commonly referred to as the ‘snowball’ effect. More and more people, from higher and higher up the organisation get involved, with the horrendous cost of their time attached. On the other hand, a well-handled complaint can often achieve a great deal for your business. It’s well accepted that a customer who complains, and has the complaint handled efficiently and speedily, will conclude the experience with an enhanced degree of loyalty to the supplier. This programme from Video Arts covers five key tactics for handling complaints effectively.



Those who work their way through the Complaints training programme will be able to:

 Identify areas where their complaint handling skills need to improve.

 Specify those actions and features which lead to successful complaint handling.

 Recognise the importance of professionally handled complaints.

 Describe the five key tactics to use when handling complaints.

 Devise an Action plan to develop their complaint-handling skills. Using Complaints Dual use.


The programme can be used either as a conventional training course with a small group or for self-study by individuals.


The target audience

The module is designed for all staff, but is especially appropriate for those in direct customer-facing positions.

Customer service, sales and logistics personnel and their managers will find it especially useful.


The course leader

You do not have to be a professional trainer to lead a group through the programme. Line managers will be able to deliver this course on complaints with confidence by using the materials and detailed guidance provided.


 Trainer Tools

  • complaints leaders guide 
  • Complaints_Powerpoint_slides