Those who work their way through The Balance Sheet Barrier will be able to:

 Recognise the basic features of a balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow forecast

 Understand the meaning and purpose of these documents

 Understand how a business makes profits and why

 Devise an Action plan to improve their understanding of finance Using The Balance Sheet Barrier.

 Dual use. The programme can be used either as a conventional training course with a small group or for self-study by individuals.

 A PowerPoint presentation is supplied, so you can easily present to a classroom. The target audience The programme is designed for all those who need to understand business finance but who do not work within the finance discipline.



The person leading a group through the programme does not have to be a professional trainer. Line managers will be able to deliver this course with confidence by using the materials and detailed guidance provided.

Watch the balance sheetbarrier and familiarise yourself with the characters, the lessons and significant parts of the dialogue. 


 Trainer Tools

  • The Balance Sheet Barrier 2013 course leader's guide
  • The Balance Sheet Barrier 2013 PowerPoint slides
  • The Balance Sheet Barrier Infographic