It’s easy to be busy at work, but much more difficult to be effective.

Time management is a big part of the problem.

Of course everyone has the same amount of time.

It’s just that some of us are better than others at organising our work within the time that we’ve got.

Poor time management can lead to missed deadlines, mistakes, damaged relationships with colleagues and customers, low levels of achievement and, in the worst cases, stress, panic and the feeling that we are on a treadmill that is getting faster and faster.

Those who manage their time well, on the other hand, feel in control of their work.

And, as they’re not working long hours in a desperate attempt to catch up, their home life is more relaxed and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, good time management does not happen by accident.

We have to work at it. Not only do we have to organise ourselves effectively, we also have to manage our interactions with other people – emails, phone calls, meetings and simple interruptions.

That is what this programme is about. It contains thirty simple, effective techniques for managing our time so that we can go home at the end of each week with a feeling of achievement and our blood pressure at a reasonable level.

30 Ways to make more time