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25 business-boosting brainwashing sessions 

Leadership - Management - Communication - Workplace - Sales Skills - Customer Service - Behaviour at Work

Wellbeing & Safety - Projects - Change - Performance reviews - Influencing & Negotiation

An annual Flexi-Plan package will make a real impact on your business team throughout 2021 and beyond!
Annual Investment - $990+gst paid monthly over 12 months  

Turning No into Yes

Make The First Move

Consultant Sales

Successful Selling

Think Bigger

Being a Business Partner

Closing The Sale

Show You Believe

Fostering Innovation

Unleashing your Creativity

The Balance Sheet Barrier

Managing Problem Behaviour

Solutions to Discipline Issues

Managing Projects

Change Workshop

Assertive vs Aggressive

Meetings-Joint Solutions

Phone Communication

Meetings Bloody Meetings

Listening to the Customer

If Looks could Kill

STANCE Customer Service

Show Them The Benefits

Questioning Techniques 1&2

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