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We can build you a website with or without an online store and if you have a site you wish to keep and expand, we can add an online store to it.  

We can look after stock updates or teach you to do it, while we back you up to get you going - QUICKLY!

Online Stores and all websites require a hosting plan and a unique Domain Name - we can guide you through this process. 
Feature your products complete with photos and videos, pricing, shopping cart, checkout and many other features which can be added any time.
When a sale is made an email is automatically sent to you to process the order, including shipping info, reference codes and so on.
Your store is all set up for customers to progress to the check out and pay by VISA - Mastercard - PayPal or Bank Deposit.

​An online store is ideal for testing products or lines you'd like to try, but don't want to risk with an actual bricks and mortar store.

Integrate your physical business into your website, online store and social media to get your offers to a vastly wider audience.

​Go Big or go Niche with books, imported lines, socks, electronics, scarves, buttons, spa pools or products you want to drop ship to customers!
A store on the main street may struggle to survive with niche product - but online, you are free from the constraints of rent, power, wages etc.

Get strategic and talk to your suppliers about the products you may not currently stock - list them on your online store,
hey If they sell everyone is smiling and you've not had to buy stock in or pay until sold.
Your supplier may even contribute to your setup or hosting costs in return for you featuring their goods?

How safe is your Online Store ?

Chances are, your business is already set up to process Mastercard and Visa  -  once linked to your online store, credit card payments
will all progress through your Banks usual security measures - so really safe!
If you are a small business, PayPal or bank deposit may be perfect for you.

We never see your transactional details and we don't charge fees on any sales, we just concentrate on supporting you
to maintain your store for as long as you need us.