Collaboration not competition...

 gives Hobson Group Network affiliates the means to create business that they 
might not normally be able to pursue due to insufficient knowledge, ability, resources or money.

As a member of the Hobson Group, the creator / owner of a project who drives the initiative and enthusiasm for a great idea 
can negotiate with fellow members to provide for other 'aspects' of a task that the project owner is unable to provide on their own,
 a joint venture can be formed and a capable team can join forces to deliver the project
to the market / end user / customer / prospect / purpose.


With an over-rider agreement protecting the owner's intellectual property, privacy and commercial security,
affiliated project collaborators can each decide whether they will supply their particular resource to the team effort in advance of any return, share the ROI risk for their part or on some other terms agreeable to themselves and the project owner
who would privately negotiate fees for each individual's contribution to the project.

Risk might also be greatly mitigated by collaborators deciding to take a 'punt' together for a share in the outcome?


Such is the general purpose for joining the affiliate team of the Hobson Group of New Zealand.
Members of the network can offer their specialist skill-set and resources to the group and in-turn can create and
pursue their own ideas knowing that they will also gain support from members when needed.

Everyone gains by helping each other by paying or receiving fees or commissions, it's not just referring trades like a BNI group,
it's collaboration that 'creates' opportunity that literally pays off for all involved.

You are not on your own, you are part of a team that is right beside you if and when you might need it.


The primary Hobson Group entity represents it's own products and services to the market and incorporates
it's network affiliate - owned resources from time to time.
Members of the Hobson Group will never state or imply that they represent any of the brands or companies
involved in any project other than their own.

 They may discuss their own involvement in a project whilst maintaining network member's and client's privacy & security.
The primary Hobson Group does not own, manage, charge fees, or have input into any co-operative agreement 
between the group's network members other than individual collaborative projects it may itself be directly involved with.

All supply agreements are valid within New Zealand only and do not confer any further right to re-sell, sub-license or franchise these products and services on any terms other than as stated on the 'heads of agreement' contract negotiated and agreed upon
between The Hobson Group and/or affiliates (licensors) and the applicant and /or affiliates (licensee's)


The primary Hobson Group management will
1) Positively consider a re-seller agreement for those wishing to represent some products and services to their own clients.
2) Provide quotes and terms to those referring the products and services .

3)  Introduc affiliated network group members as required or recommended.

in confidence.

Tony Bennett
Managing Director
00220 373 990